Monday, July 23, 2007

Degrading Is In The Eye Of The Beholder

If beauty is in the eye of the beholder, then so is degradation, right ?
(And, besides, ... they aren't really people, after all, now, are they ?)

And if, -by any chance-, You might even as much as dare think, -even if only for a split second-, Dear Reader, that these are just some very lame and very poor excuses that the big, bad Nazis used to employ, more than half-a-century ago, back in the Old Country, and which, -of course-, nobody nowadays, in our oh-so-civilized and presumably post-modern world, believes anymore, then may I please kindly suggest You take a better look at the number of unborn children, butchered, slaughtered, and then finally watered down the drain, in the year 2,000 in U.S. abortion-mills ? And, -more especially-, to the same old, lame old, and, -by the way-, completely unimaginative line that they, -even as until today-, still use. I mean, ... unborn aren't really people, now, ... are they ?


Rob said...

"in U.S. abortion-mills"

And not just here in the US (though we may win on the numbers). In many other countries, where Western culture is now being introduced, they are going abortion crazy. I don't know about Romania but I know Russia is described as being out of control. The 1.1 birth rate is due to couples being "careful". They are awash in dead fetuses (forgive the imagery).

And people keep pushing the overpopulation lie, which has, as a subliminal message, a little whisper in the back of your mind that says "it would be better if there were less of us, it would be better if we were dead."

Lucian said...

I don't know about Romania

Well, in this case, please allow me to introduce you: after the Romanian Revolution, back in 1989, our hospitals have been turned into cute little "baby butcheries" (so one retired priest expressed it).

I think I've used the U.S.A. example, because that's the one that I've particularly and primarily encountered on the Internet; and because it's symbolic for the entire Western culture and civilization (which is considered by many by far to be the most advanced and evolved -- thus setting up a standard for the entire human race), and not just for one insignificant little country (as I would've left the impression if I were to talk about Romania -- which many think is situated in somewhere in Siberia); and I also didn't want to leave the impression that I was talking about something strange and exotic over here, only for the sake of shocking people -just like the news-people do- (i.e., Romanians and Russians are baby-butchers, Africans practice female circumcision, there is still cannibalism going on in China, etc.) -- I wanted to bring this phenomenon home to the reader (where-ever he might be).

I stole the title from an episode of T.V.-series, where a teenager girl says to the college boys organizing a beauty-contest, in which she wanted also to participate, when they ask her something regarding the possible depravity that such an event might degenerate into, and she very naughtily answers them back by this line, while having this spicy little look in her eyes. [Well, this, and the fact that I saw "Schindler's List" a few nights ago].

Rob said...

Schindler's List

I particularly liked this movie, aside form the Holocaust drama, becuase the hero is quite 'real'. He is not a particularly good person and, something they don't show in the film, he does not go on to become a saint. As I recall, he and his wife finally separate due to his philandering. (At the very least, I know that he did not stop fooling around).

I'm not happy he became an adulterer! It's just comforting to see someone else who can, one day, do the right thing and, the next day, plunge right back into sin. It helps me know I am not alone! :)

Lucian said...

Apropos Liam Neeson, did You by the way see his 1991 film "Under Suspicion" ? It's one of my favorites.

I also see You watched "Sling Blade". At least we have one movie in common. :) Can't say I was particularly impressed by it, though, although it was a good movie.

Rob said...

Under Suspicion. Nope, I don't think I saw it. But that was sixteen years ago and I had a head injury between then and now, so I may have forgotten it.

-At least we have one movie in common.-

Have you forgotten The Mission?