Tuesday, February 19, 2008


That's how many !


Rob said...

I love that movie.

But my appreciation probably has little to do with artistic merit. I seem naturally drawn to any film in which it is abnormally dark and it rains a lot. Perhaps it is because I am from Arizona, where the Sun shines practically all year round. I am just fasinated by the dark, cold, wet places other people insist on living in.

I do not like the title, though. Se7en. Whoever thought that up should be beaten regularly until he recants.

BTW, I checked in to Rhoblogy for the first time in a long time. Still doing your Sts. Cyril and Methodius bit, eh? Preaching to the barbarians. Your scoring points in Heaven, Lucian!

Lucian said...

Ah,... le 'Film Noir'. :) Probably a cinematographical expression of apophatic thought. :) Exodus 20:21.

It's also beyond me why certain people prefer to read the first half of Romans four in the light (2 Corinthians 11:14) of Calvin or God-knows-who (2 Corinthians 4:4), instead of reading it in tandem with the second half of the *same* chapter. Or why the same people prefer to read their own little definition of "sheep" into John 10, over and against the one that Christ Himself gave in the *very same* chapter.

Your scoring points in Heaven, Lucian

Yeah, I'm "scoring", all right ... just not points, and definitely NOT in Heaven. (Actually, it's a rather more warmer and familiar place down-stairs, so that one doesn't have to climb up all those many stairs).

And as far as Rhob's concerned, he'll definitely make it (paying lip-service to 'Sola Fide' while at the same time implementing one's [optional] sanctification more avidly than any Orthodox his [obligatory] theosis isn't exactly >the Protestant thing to do<). LOL :-) I just wanna see Rhob's face when Christ will tell him that he 'merited' his salvation :-) Too bad I won't have a camera handy. :-) Sometimes, I wish God were 'Sola Fide' and get me into Heaven just for having a mental belief in the necessity of good deeds in salvation. :-) :D ;-) ;D

Rob said...

Speaking of films, I just watched The Mission again. Sigh.

I still am moved most by the last scene, but I had overlooked the power of another scene: that in which he (Jeremy Irons) tells the frightened indian girl that he will stay with them during the battle. That kills me, too.

Lucian said...

Watch "The Jealous God" (2005).

Rob said...

No can do. Netflix doesn't have it and neither do the local stores.