Friday, June 29, 2007

Der Ewige Jude

The Eternal Jew.


Rob said...

And so, at last, I have found you!

You could have told me, you know, instead of making me search through comboxes after various hints, hoping to find the one where you left a link traceable to you. (I had a suspicion you were the Luka in the combox at water and spirit!)

First off, I can't believe you are 23 (Another reason for me to feel stupid since you are clearly more knowledgeable in some crucial areas than I). AT the same time, I am glad that I now count on you being a good Christian and respecting your elders! :)

I noticed that you liked Fight Club. Good choice. It is "non Christian" but the message about manhood in modern society was spot on.

Requiem for a dream? UGh. I am glad I saw it but I will never see it again. Too deep into the very heart of darkness.

Lvka said...

Too deep into the very heart of darkness.

That's how I like'em: black, with no sugar. :D

Lvka said...

It really wakes one up, if You know what I mean.