Saturday, June 16, 2007

Words Of Wisdom

For smoke is our nostrils' breath, and thought a sparkle kindled by our moving hearts; which, when extinguished, our body shall be turned to ashes, and our soul shall fade away as thinnest air.
These are the second and third verses from the second chapter of King Solomon's Great Book Of Wisdom. Wise words, indeed, fitting the famous book of a renowned wise king, deeply appreciated and respected for his wonderful insights, well-known for his amazing depth of thought and profound maxims and observations, masterfully capturing the innermost essence of reality, and well-regarded for his glorious intellectual achievements and philosophical conquests. A king who reigned in the mighty empire of his own brilliant mind's most astounding eloquence, and from whose beating heart flowed out rivers of living water, captured as in earthly vessels by his hearers' ears, like cool, refreshing summer-rain pouring down on thirsty ground, only to be later put to rest in the deepest fiber of their soul's consciousness, as in the vast lakes and seas of their innermost being.

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