Tuesday, September 11, 2007

9/11 And The Twin Towers

Exactly half-way between the Birth of the Holy Mother of God and Ever-Virgin Mary, on one hand, and the Elevation of the Holy and Life-Giving Cross, on the other, three days following the first Feast, and precisely the same number of days preceding the second, the unthinkable happened, while two people-loaded planes crashed full-speed ahead, each in one of the two once-mighty and populated Towers overlooking the Manhattan bay area. All Hell brake loose, while the brutally savage carnage and monstrously macabre massacre which followed just shortly thereafter took on some unspeakable proportions: not only did those poor people have to die by their thousands: men, women, ... and children; but also the dire manner in which they died was of a most gruesome kind, ending their short-lived lives in a grisly fashion, having to make the horrid choice between either being burned alive in a dreadful, all-devouring, fiery inferno, ... or being smashed against the hard, concrete floor after a horrific hundred-yards-jump into the void ... "with no strings attached" (who has ever thought that an expression like this might one day sound so grim and grey ?). I guess it was the American way, after all; ... I mean, maintaining one's options open even at times like that: ... it seems like death is "pro-choice", after all ...

The Two glorious Towers, once splendidly rising their faces to the heavens, with their fore-heads crowned by clouds, like emperors adorned with laurels, now lay abased in ashes; their ruins: pulverized to dust.

But the power of the Holy and Life-Giving Cross and the fervent intercessions of the Holy Mother of God and Ever-Virgin Mary are two towers which no enemy shall ever tear down and defeat or put to shame.


Rob said...

As an American I have mixed feelings about the event. Of course, the terrorists were evil and have already met their Maker for their punishment or reward (supposing they may have repented and turned to Christ in their last moments. You never know!).

At the same time, I don't like the way it was stated that "the terrorists hate us for our freedom".

I think they hate us for what we do with it. After all, what isn't repulsive about a country that chews up and spits out a million infants into the waste bucket every year? A country that says sodomy is a good thing and that the state is a better parent than the parent?

Also, I was immediately shocked by how some people thought this was unique. People are murdered in large groups all the time. When the victims are Africans, we don't worry too much.

Not that I didn't want some good old American vengeance! I was quite pleased, and impressed, with the actions taken in Afghanistan. If I hadn't been a cripple fresh out of a long hospital stay by the time of Sept. 11th, I probably would have joined my family's history of military service, but they don't take half-deaf guys with bionic legs! (In fact, with my injuries, I could pass for a wounded vet!)

About Iraq I have been less than pleased, though I am not planning on voting for the Left. They may be correct about the war but they are wrong about everything else.

Lucian said...

Did You watch Michael Moore's "Fahrenheit 911" ? If so, what is Your opinion of it? What was the impression with which You were left with after viewing it?

Rob said...

I watched Fahrenheit 911 and the Passion of Christ very close together. Which is funny, because Americans typically saw one or the other, not both. Christians liked the Passion, and... well, you get the picture.

I liked both! I do think Mike Moore does some underhanded stuff during the film, but he showed some definite bungling on the part of the gov't. Wasn't sure why everybody got so worked up. Every gov't bungles stuff.