Sunday, September 09, 2007

The Godly Grand-Parents Joachim And Anna

The Holy, Righteous, Godly Grand-Parents Joachim And Anna.

Since you were righteous under the law of grace, O Joachim and Anna, you gave birth to the God-given infant for our sake. Therefore, the divine Church radiantly keeps feast today, joyfully celebrating your honorable memory and giving glory to God who has raised up a horn of salvation from the house of David.

Podoben: “Seeking the highest ... ”
Anna is now no longer barren and nurses the All-Pure One! She rejoices and calls us all to sing a hymn of praise to Christ, who from her womb gave mankind the only ever Virgin Mother.


Lucian said...

The Slavic word "podoba" means 'adornment', 'ornament', or 'decoration'.

Rob said...

Hey, today isn't a feast day for us. But I am pretty sure we observe this one. I will have to find out when.

Lucian said...

On the day following a Great Feast, we celebrate the people or events that have the most relevance for, or that present the strongest link to that particular Feast. (Saint John the Baptist on January 7, the Righteous Simeon and the Prophetess Anna on February 3, the Archangel Gabriel on March 26, the Holy Trinity on the Monday after Pentecost, the Twelve Apostles on June 30, Saint Dimitrie the New Basarabov [a local Romanian Saint] on October 27, the Mother of God on December 26 and the 14,000 babes slain by Herod on December 29 ... even Romania's National Day is on December 1, that is, the day following that of Saint Andrew the First-Called, Apostle to the Romanians).