Thursday, November 15, 2007

Big, Bad, Barbaric Brute

After being kicked out of an Analogical-Digital Circuits laboratory-class earlier this month for rebelling against the use of Thevenin's Theorem for solving a banal circuit, I also managed to enrage the living soul out of this little servant of God over here, finding myself banned for my earnest, honest, heart-felt convictions -which I've very much proven to be truthful- very much like the guy that I wrote of also earlier this same month ... Gee ... I'm wondering ... might this have anything to do with it? :

It is something that I've observed in You (and that I found to be quite unpleasant and disturbing) : that You do not retract Your assertions that were proven false, neither do You defend them. Yet, You still go on saying the same things shamelessly. This, I find to be beyond reproof. :-(

E.g., Your mockery of the words of the Saints [Basil, for instance] by using them in ways by-no-means intended by them so-to-be-used, and Your persistence in such gross and enormous deformities of their words are shameful and disgusting things. WHY do You do them? WHY? You deformed the clear meaning of their words. You are a Deformer; NOT a Reformer -- at least as far as understanding Patristic thought goes ...

At first, You were just an innocent little Protestant -- now, however, You're not. You know our arguments, and -unable as You've proven Yourself to refute them- You cannot be found unguilty. Now, Your own conscience condemns You.

Even babies are guilty, after all ["They are conceived in sin, and come forth out of the womb, speaking lies." -- were these not Your very words, or am I mistaking?]; not to mention a grown up man like You ... or me.

And don't worry about anyone sending You any Apocrypha written in my name: I'm not an Apostle, not even from among the 70, not even by a long shot. :p

What's the matter, friend of mine and fiend of the Saints (who are the friends of God) ? :-( Who is now the one who "makes a fallacious tug on the emotions in order to bypass reason."? Or the one that decides to buy the emotional argument of TurretinFan, over the exegetical argument of Orthodox theology? :-(

And when Your mourning is over, please write an article over the Reformed understanding of original sin over and against that of Anselm. (And while You're at it, also please tell us if -let's say- Billy Graham's preachings and teachings are in conformity with it; and if not, then compare them with Anselm's, so that we might better understand the similarities as well as differences between these two-or-three views).


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Rob said...


Ah, Lucian, you do like to start fights. :)

I am not well-versed in theology so I am not capable of really engaging in these arguments (and always regret it when I do, occasionally, stick my neck out). But my jaw did drop open when he insulted St. Basil.