Thursday, November 22, 2007

Mihai Eminescu - To The Star

Mihai Eminescu (1850 - 1889).

To The Star ...

Towards the star that rose on high
There lies such a great distance,
That millennia have gone by
Before its light could reach us.

Perhaps long time ago it has
Gone out, dieing on its way,
On the blue sky, far away,
Our sight just now delighted by its ray.

The icon of the star now-gone
Slowly climbs up heaven’s vault:
`T’was there before laid eyes upon;
Though we now see it, it’s long gone...

Likewise when our longing hearts
Perished in night most darkened,
The light of our stilled amour
Still follows us unfrightened.

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Doru said...

Eminescu wrote these lyrics in 1866 1st of december. Einstein describe for the first time his Theory of relativity in 1905. !!! So its possible that Einstein was the first physicist who read the poetry of romanian Eminescu. This info is for those who consider that Einstein discover relativity bercause ha was jewish. In fact he was an Earth citizen who read another Earth citizen named EMISNESCU.