Thursday, October 30, 2008

For Those Who Didn't Get It The First Time ...

Orthodoxy For Dummies: Short And Simple:

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Rob said...


Anyway, I forgot. Do the Orthodox also celebrate All-Saints Day?

Lucian said...

Yes, on the Sunday after Pentecost.

Rob said...

Wow. It's today for us. Usually the calendars bear SOME resemblance.

Lucian said...

We commemorate the departed in the Saturday before the feast of St. Demetrius, which falls on October 26.

But, that again, we commemorate them in every season: on each Saturday in Lent, and on Thomas Sunday [the one after Easter], and around Pentecost as well. :-\

These days are called among us the Spring Elders, the Summer Elders, the Autumn Elders, and the Winter Elders.

The reason they all fall on Saturdays is because that's the day that Christ spent in the Tomb or Grave with His Body, and in Hades with His soul, as it's written in the First Book of Moses: 'and the Lord rested on the seventh day'.