Monday, January 21, 2008

Cantor Balan Ioan - Pricesne On The Fifth Voice

Our Father. (The Lord's Prayer).

Mercy Me, Oh Lord, When I'm In Need.
(You Are My God).

All-Praised Creator.

My Cryings Shall Be Heard.

By The Rivers Of Babylon.
(Psalm 136).

Oh Lord, What Shall Be Of Me?


Rob said...

I love it!

All Romanian music, apparently, is just like Russian music to me: depressing! LOL! BUt in a good way. Remember, I listened to the Cure in High school, so depression was cool. :-)

Truly, when I listen to Russian music, or these songs, I imagine I am some starving peasant in a dilapidated wooden house, snow is faling outside, there is no food in the pantry, and the wolf is at the door.

Of course, one could say that these are psalms or hymns, and therefore don't represent culture, but I bet that you have seen among the Protestant types in your country that the whole Bible can be rendered as one big, happy, clappy sing-a-long.

Lucian said...

They're on the fifth voice, that's why they're so sad. The Christmas troparion, sung by Stefan Hrusca (which you'll find in my Christmas-post), is on the fourth voice.

Rob said...

No idea what that means. My childhood was barren. No music, no sports, no culture. I can't read or play a single note, etc. Thanks for trying, though! :-)

Lucian said...

There are eight Church-voices. The songs from this post are on the fifth one; it's a very sad tone. (The Christmas-troparion was on the fourth).

Anonymous said...

I think the English word for "glas": is "tone".
Nu aveti si ceva cantari liturgice cantate dupa glasurile obisnuite in eparhia Aradului?

Lucian said...

Eu personal nu. :-( Sorry. [Iar cantorul Balan Ioan este din Arad]. Incearca pe site-ul vei gasi acolo multe cantari religioase.