Friday, January 04, 2008

Stefan Hrusca - Prayer For The Parents

Stefan Hrusca - Prayer For The Parents.

(Only the last three stanzas are sung in the video).

Enigmatical and tame,
Having finished their life’s aim,
At our side they fade and die,
Our dearest, dearest parents.
Call them back to You, oh Lord,
For they had it here so hard,
Make them young as they once were,
Make them younger than us all

And for those that gave us birth,
Give an order, give something,
To delay their stay a bit,
Before they’ll start off again.
They’ve paid dearly, with their lives,
Their sons’ errors and mistakes;
Oh Lord, make immortal ones
Of the parents that are gone

Behold them going away,
Behold them fading away,
Like candles in a cuckoo’s nest,
As if they snow, as if they rest.
Full of illnesses and pain
We return once more to dust;
As we’re all still standing tall,
Let us comfort our parents

The earth’s getting heavier,
Break-up’s even harder still,
So long, dearest, dearest dad!
Fare-well, my beloved mom!
Why d’you look at me like this,
Oh my son and daughter mine?
I’ll be soon heading their way,
Dear ones, I’ll also be gone

So long, dearest, dearest dad!
Fare-well, my beloved mom!
So long, dearest, dearest son!
Fare-well, dearest daughter mine!
Oh my father, oh my son,
Mother mine and daughter mine


Lucian said...

Yesterday was my dad's birthday. Happy Birthday, dad! :-)

Rob said...

Happy Birthday, Mr. Lucian!

(Or is it Mr. Craciun?)

Lucian said...

His name is Craciun. Traian Craciun. :-)

CresceNet said...

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