Monday, January 07, 2008

The Holy Prophet And Forerunner John The Baptist

The Holy Prophet And Forerunner
John The Baptist.

Troparion - Tone 2

The memory of the righteous is celebrated with hymns of praise, but the Lord's testimony is sufficient for you, O Forerunner. You were shown in truth to be the most honorable of the prophets, for you were deemed worthy to baptize in the streams of the Jordan Him whom they foretold. Therefore, having suffered for the truth with joy, you proclaimed to those in hell God who appeared in the flesh, who takes away the sin of the world, and grants us great mercy.

Kontakion - Tone 6

The river Jordan trembled and was driven back filled with fear at Your coming in the flesh, while John drew back in awe as he fulfilled the ministry of a prophet. The ranks of angels stood amazed, when they beheld You in the flesh being baptized in the streams. And we, who were in darkness, are filled with light as we praise You, who have appeared to enlighten all.


Rob said...

Weren't you gonna send me some prayers?

Like I need another compication. LOL! Ah well, bring it on. I'm already caught between Old and New Catholic devotions as well as the Anglican Breviary. Throw me some Orthodox prayers and I can be completely bewildered! :) Next I'll go ask the Rhology guy what he does. (Just kidding.)

Anonymous said...

Orthodox church has much apology to make in Western World: protocommunist massacres by Palamite Zealotes under Hesychast hyperventilatory halucinations, Cantacuzene taxation driving farmers to embrace Turks, Komyakoviac Obshchina giving birth to soviet communism as reactionary casuistry opposing Napoleon's defeudalization, Cosmus Aitalius being patron originator of of modern genocide as seen by the massacre of Turks in Crete by Venizelos. And their hypnotic brainwashing incantations are designed to make theirf locks into terrorists. Is all masochistic because reject Original Sin.

Lucian said...

I can't. I'm all caught up in exams right now (and for the next month also: each week another hurdle).

Lucian said...


I'm glad to see that You catch on easy, and that You're a fast-learner. You see, I've directed my pal Rob here to read and/or watch ZORBA THE GREEK, but he ain't impressed by it ... BTW: did You know that THE FIRST MODERN TERRORIST was a Coptic or Syriac Orthodox Christian ??? (I've heard that on TV several years back, when the wife of Romania's former Premier Minister Petre Roman, mentioned it on a TV show: she is a teacher of Arabic, and the topic came up, so she spoke about it). How cool is that ??? :-)

Rob said...

-protocommunist massacres by Palamite Zealotes under Hesychast hyperventilatory halucinations-

Is that poetic or just stupid, I can't tell...

Rob said...

That's okay, Lucian, I'll wait. It doesn't look like I will be making a decision anytime soon.

In the meantime, you can write me (and all the West) an apology for protocommunist Palamites and their hesychast hallucinations. :)

Rob said...

Good luck on your exams, Lucian. I will say a prayer.

Even though you are, apparently, a proto-palamite hesywhatever. :)

Lucian said...

Thanks, Rob. And may God help You too.